Sunday, April 05, 2009

...if everything would stop, i'd listen for your heart...

Currently listening to: My Hands - David Archuleta

Gloria Jean's Coffees, Borders Chadstone, Melbourne, April 2009
taken by Edina Cecilia Saputra

Oh dear.
Now I'm seriously beginning to wonder exactly why I'm such a sucker for charming good looks and the like.

A little tip, fellas.
Next time you're thinking to charm the bananas outta this little whacked-out bloke - if ever, I might add, on one of those rare jolly good days that are as eminently scarce as the chance of seeing Tyra Banks on TV without her ever-present weave - try arming yourself with a pair of irresistible blue eyes, lopsided smiles, and scruffy blond hair, and you're good to go. That oughta do the job pretty darn well as far as my objective intelligence is concerned

And oh, throw in some exceptional coffee-making skills and occasional hints of dormant acrobatic talent, and just like that, I'll be head-over-heels in love.

I'm just sayin'.

If that doesn't strip me off of what little bit of respect you guys still had left for this shallow, uncoordinated mess of an innocent soul, I don't know what will.


For those of you who don't know, this year's Daylight Savings Time in Victoria ended this morning, so I got an extra hour of sleep last night! *grins*

Coincidentally, the end of a year's DST usually also means the end of summer!
I seriously can't be any more hyped up than this.

Hell yeah, I'm glad the season's over. And I for one am bloody sure I'm not gonna go all teary-eyed and mellow about it.
No more scorching hot days, no more annoying flies, no more sunnies and shorts, no more applying sticky sunscreen all over my over-tanned skin and feeling like marinaded meat being grilled inside one hell of a giant, ozon-less oven.

And that's my cue to go "YAY!", I suppose?
*raises eyebrow*

Whatever. I'm just relieved Autumn's almost here.

Maybe it's time to rearrange my wardrobe once again.
Hang some. Fold out some. Dry clean some. Wash up some. Shop for some? *laughs*
Goodbye sunnies and shorts, hello trench coats and scarves!

Important countdowns:
One week to go before Easter Break starts.
Five days to Good Friday.
And exactly sixteen days to Jason Mraz's April 21 concert!

I know I shouldn't keep rubbing that in but I just can't help it.

For the time being, I wish you all a pleasant week ahead.
Enjoy the cold while it lasts! God knows I will. =)