Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I personally believe in the healing magic of amazingly good company, super-comfy cushions, that familiar green-circle logo with that smiling mermaid in the middle, countless hearty laughs with friends, and a well-deserved intake of excessive caffeine-driven chatter therapy after enduring a full-on three-hour torturous killer exam session.

Business Law was fab. As in DANGEROUSLY HARD AND TROUBLESOME sort of fab.
Spent the whole three hours writing endlessly, jotting down countless sections and copying cases, scrambling through my endless pile of notes every now and then like there was no tomorrow. I kept on writing and writing and writing up to a point where cramps started to get to me and I could barely feel my hand hovering above the paper, scribbling away like it had a mind on its own or something.

But yeah. It's over and done now.
It wasn't an easy paper. No, NOT AT ALL. But all I can do now is think positive, stay optimistic, and surrender everything, hoping I will pass this subject. Amen. Let the colors fly for themselves later; I ain't counting on them to cheer along and make my day when results come out on February 15. *sighs*

For now, let me take my time to breathe a sigh of relief and catch up with reality, as Edwin put in. And, oh yeah, maybe spare some time to re-familiarize myself with my dear ol' long-neglected pillow.

Gash, I can barely remember the last time I had a proper good-night's sleep. *sighs*

Still got Business Stats on Friday, and Buyer Behavior on Saturday.
But I can honestly say that the biggest pressure is now off my shoulders.

Wish me luck, aye? *smiles*

Have a good night, guys! =)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

...about euphoria...

Currently listening to: Time Enough For Tears - The Corrs

According to the countdown that I place on the sidebar of my Facebook page, only TWO DAYS are left before exams. Oh my. Two days. Two frikkin' supershort days. And I'm wasting a considerably big portion of it sitting here typing away blogging like I don't care.

It's scorching hot outside and I'm missing Winter. Heaps.
Even with my curtains closed I can still feel the dry summer heat outside creeping into my room little by little. Gash. I miss Winter. I miss the cold. I miss the coats and jackets and special winter sales. I want June to arrive this INSTANT. *pouts*

I miss waking up shivering inside my blanket in the wee small hours of the morning when everything is still dark and gloomy, then scrambling all over my bed looking for my phone to look at the time only to realize that it's still like 5 in the morning and I was only woken up by the unbearably morning chill sweeping into my bedroom through the closed windows.

I miss rushing to the shower, trying to get naked as quick as possible, then jumping straight away into the grasp of running warm water a.k.a morning savior. I miss staying inside the shower for as long as time permits, as if trying to defrost my solid-frozen body shaken from the cold. I miss rushing out of the shower and into my room after shower, trying to dress up with extra-crazy speed because the cold is re-frosting once again.

I miss walking all the way to college with both hands tucked into my coat pockets, my head down and my steps weak, while the skies above me are still gloomy gray and cloudy. I miss arriving on time to class just because I want to do so, I miss talking to the teachers about the crazy cold weather, I miss seeing classmates all looking bundled up just as much as I am...

I miss seeing Winter rains. I miss watching ice droplets fall. I miss the freezing winds. I miss the wacky indecisive weather.
I miss Winter. *sighs*

Whoa. Big sappy sentences alert. *sighs*
Yet still. I can't wait for Winter to come by once again.
I guess four months ain't that long, eh?

For the time being, I'll make sure I have the chance to buy another pair of chic sunnies and go to the beach after exams!! *laughs*

Alright alright. I better get back to business now.
Nerdy Sunday, here I come!! *smiles earnestly*

Wishing the very best of luck for the exams to all Monash College people and Monash Uni Summer Course takers!!
Jia you jia you!! *jumps around*

PS: On a sidenote, sometimes I wish I were an ABC. *sighs* Either American-Born or Australian-Born would be equally fab. At least I would be stuck with one solid accent and lifestyle instead of having this annoying ability of switching between accents whenever I speak with different people from different backgrounds. And more importantly, I would be able to fit into a certain local social group permanently and wouldn't have this underrated international-student status stuck on me like a pain in the arse. Oh well. Just another random afterthought I wanted to share with you guys. The heat was starting to get into me and I just needed a little time to vent. Haha. Alright then lates! *waves*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

...nobody told me baby...

Currently listening to: This Is What It's All About - Andrea Corr

Funny. For the past couple of days I've been somewhat resistant to the idea of switching off this goddamn laptop for once and starting some REAL revision work to ensure that the exam week (read: nightmare) next week will be able to smoothly fly by as expected, with no last-minute cramming, midnight panicking, intense moodswings, excessive helpings of Red Bull, and of course extreme caffeine overdose.

Like that's even remotely possible. *sighs*
I better presume my usual procrastinating session while I still have the time and place.

*opens Facebook and Friendster straight away*

Hahahaha. I'm a dork.

I'm now resorting to playing my old The Corrs collection for entertainment. This has been going on for like a week or so; it's not like I don't usually listen to their songs every now and then since my iTunes is always set on shuffle everytime. But, I dunno, once upon a day I just felt like listening to all their old songs once again n I guess I got a little carried away. *laughs*

Honestly I still think that they're BRILLIANT. I can go for days just jabbering about how tantalizing and perfect Andrea Corr's voice is, and how amazingly BEAUTIFUL she is as a person. I've been listening to their music ever since I was young, 'cuz my dad used to be a big fan of this talented Irish band, and up to this point, some ten-something years later, I'm still in love. How cool is that? *laughs*

Anyway. If you guys are into cool folk-pop-rock music with an elegant touch of melodious, strong-characterized vocals, please do have a listen? *laughs*

Alright alright. I should really start revising now.
It's like 15 degrees outside and my legs are freezing. Geez. Where's Summer when you need it?

All the best, people! Have a great day! *hugs*

Sunday, January 20, 2008

...when your day is through...

Currently listening to: Dream - Michael Buble

Max Brenner's fabulously delicious Italian Thick Dark Chocolate in HugMug is the new groove, people. Exquisito! As the Italians may put in. *laughs*

But really. You guys MUST try it. It's like the best chocolate drink ever created. I just had one intake of this crazy addictive drink this afternoon in the chocolate factory's Glen Waverley outlet with the usual SoFt! crowd, and it seemed like I wasn't the only one getting agitated by this drink's superb taste. And of course the signature HugMug is ever so adorable.

Gosh. I'm such a chocolate junkie. *sighs*

Had a super-big lunch today, plus Max Brenner, plus dessert, plus snacks, plus a hearty bite of the awesome Pork Bread Roll. Talk about excessive calorie consumption. But hey, I think this is one good way to gear up for the exams, don't you guys agree? At least this way I can stock up on dormant energy. *winks*


I notice that it's been raining all day in dear ol' Melbourne ever since I woke up, only stopping occasionally here and there before starting again. As mediocre and unbelievably insufficient as it may seem, I'm actually kinda getting used to seeing these southern Australian light rains pouring somehow moodily. Since, you know, I'm definitely in no position to compare the seasonal drizzles down here with the dense, tropical rains that J-Town has during this time of year.

Here are some rainy-day snapshots I took during my holidays back in J-Town a couple of weeks ago.

Location: Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, Central Jakarta
The rain was just starting then when I was driving, and I was amazed at how empty this protocol road was, during afternoon hours, nonetheless.

Location: Jalan Gadjah Mada, Central Jakarta
Enjoying the afternoon shower in the middle of peak-hour traffic

Location: Jalan Tubagus Angke, Central Jakarta
Look at the long rightmost-lane queue! Dunno what caused it, though.

Location: West Gate, Puri Indah Mall, West Jakarta
A storm was pouring down at that time, and the near-midnight queue was still shockingly long; somehow I found this pic to be artistically correct. You agree? *laughs*

I found a very interesting article about the rain HERE. There it is actually explained that raindrops can react with some certain chemical elements found in the soil, and the reaction can result in the production of a very specific comforting scent that we can all smell during, or after, rainy periods. So, that soothing, pleasant smell that reminds you of rain-soaked grass and rainy days? That would be petrichor.

I need some academically-written scientific articles like those two [although they're posted on Wikipedia lols] to remind me that behind all those mellow-jellow gloomy presence the rain brings extraordinarily, it is after all still a natural phenomenon.

And I'm gonna stay true to my view, that the rain is one of the most outstanding natural beauty of all.

Happy rainy day, guys! *hugs*

Friday, January 18, 2008

...about n.i.n.e.t.e.e.n...

January 18, 2008.

Another day. Another year. Another age. Another 365 days waiting right in front of me.
And the moment starts NOW.


Because I just turned NINETEEN!!!!

*jumps around excitedly*

..Alright alright slow down. Before I creep y'all out with my silly overexcited dances... *laughs*

Yeah. I turn nineteen today. Big ONE and big NINE.
And gawd, has it been a very very long day.

Started off the day waking up REALLY LATE for my precious Law tutorial. Jumped out of bed straight away after receiving Jacelyn's wake-up call, rushed to the shower, quickly dressed, ran off to college, and arrived about half an hour late to the class. Oh well. Not a good start. But everything went quite fine from there. Got some occasional stupidity flashes here and there, experienced a bit of a brain overload, got scratched by that crazy sudden fear of flunking the exam, you know, nothing new. 'Cuz it's Law fgs. *sighs*

After class, I sped up with Jacelyn and Andrew, picking up Wei Hong along the way, to Clayton Road to have lunch, then went to Rusden House in an aim to work on the stupid Business Statistics assignment together. *shocking, i know* Met up with Din and Chris, but parted ways because the four of us were going to Jacelyn's apartment and Chris was going to Din's. Then we went on a ten-minute walk from the carpark to Jacelyn's unit, and the whole route was like a MAZE. We kept laughing our heads off for no reason along the way, talking about stupid meaningless things and silly shit, with my back aching due to carrying the superheavy textbook-leaden tote bag on my right shoulder.

We chatted for a while, laughed a bit more, fooled around with Jacelyn's dolls, trying to lock Wei Hong out at the balcony, some crazy happy stuff like that, before Jacelyn suddenly asked us all to go back downstairs since Din and Chris were already waiting to start working on Stats in the common room. So we grabbed our stuff, then marched down to the basement common room.

Along the way, or should I say the intricate Rusden Maze *lol*, I began to notice that some weird stuff was going on. For instance, why Wei Hong wasn't bringing his stuff with him, why Andrew became even quieter than usual, and why Jacelyn was like smiling in a mysterious way. But I immediately dismissed the thought and kept walking.

But then it was as if everything was turning upside down because suddenly everybody was singing Happy Birthday on top of their lungs, and I was left there stunned, stopped in my tracks, flabbergasted.

The rest was history. *laughs*
So they were not actually serious with the Statistics-groupwork thingy. It was just a VERY GOOD EXCUSE, even too good that I wasn't even suspicious at all of their sudden switch of early study-mode. But yeah, in the end, the shockparty was awesome. Got to eat a LOT of super-yummy blueberry cheesecake, took pictures, laughed a lot, fooled around with them for a while, danced a bit to the music, basically having great fun with great company.

Here as some of the pictures of our Rusden Moments together.

This is the super-yummy cheesecake I just mentioned. DELICIOUS! =)

This is Jacelyn helping me cut the cake into smaller slices.


Thanks for all the efforts, guys! =)

And then, fast-forwarding first, during a habitual Glen-Waverley Friday dinner with my iCare friends, they presented me with another birthday cake.
Oh, my God. I was like so, so touched.

I mean, two birthday cakes, two surprises, to sweet gestures, two groups of amazing, loving friends. Even ONE is good enough to make me cry, but TWO?

WOWZERS. I'm lost for words right now.

My second birthday cake! =)

The B'day Boy with SoFt! members. I LOVE YOU GUYS HEAPS!!! =']

Well. This may be my very first birthday away from loved ones and family, and home.
Yet so far, this has been one of my most memorable birthdays, truly. Celebrating with my new friends, from college and from iCare, has been VERY fun and enjoyable. I know it would've been so much more meaningful if only my loved ones were close, but hey, I just gotta stop complaining and start being grateful of what I have now, right? And, believe me, I AM grateful. More grateful than you think I am. *smiles*

And I don't want this birthday to go by with no meaning. I don't want my upcoming days to be fruitless. This is my stepping stone towards adulthood, the final age of my teenage years. And I'm gonna live it up. I will.

I wanna make my resolutions come true.
I wanna strive to fulfill all my goals, short-term and long-term.
I wanna lose weight. *laughs*
I wanna be on top of my game and just enjoy the things that I have.
I wanna make more friends.
I wanna make my own money.
I wanna fight, and be brave, and take chances.
I wanna get closer to HIM and learn more of HIS Grace.
I wanna stop being the crybaby and the lazy bum that I am and become more self-motivated in achieving everything in my life.
I wanna find myself.
I wanna live my life to the fullest that I can.

And finally, I wanna be a better person, as a whole, mentally, physically. To myself, to my loved ones, and to God. 'Cuz I know I still got a long way to go. And I'm not gonna waste each and every moment that I have in my life.

I wish nineteen is gonna be a great age for me.
Amazing days are waiting for me ahead! And I'm gonna face each one with pride and joy, knowing I'm ready to fight the battle, and I'm sure I will always win.

Last but not least... The Curtain Call!! *grins*

First, thank you to The Big Guy Up There for giving me a chance to experience yet another year of my amazing life.

A big thank you to Andrew, Chris, Din, Jacelyn, and Wei Hong for the surprise party that you guys threw for me, for the cake, the drinks, the donuts, everything. *smiles*

Thank you for Ko Andri, Ko Bagas, Ci Zoya, Ci Eve, and Andrew for the cake, and the dinner surprise. And thanks to MelMel for the meaningful message. Love you guys! =)

Thank you for my special ones and best friends: Dad, Mom, Neja, Brie, Renata, Stella, Amelinda, Adeline, Fred, Deya, Lina, Richard, Jayadipta, Kev, Maya, for your thoughtful greetings and messages! You guys may be far, yet your places stay true in my heart forever.

And finally, an equally big thank you for all my beloved friends in Melbourne, Jakarta, Surabaya, Sydney, Singapore, KL, Purdue, LA, Beppu (Japan), wherever you are, for your sweet greetings and wishes! My big hugs are extended to all of you. *hugs*

Almost goodbye, happy Dreamland years. Almost welcome, adulthood and real life.

*curtain closes*

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

...ramblings of boredom...

Currently listening to: Like You'll Never See Me Again - Alicia Keys

Alright. Now I've reached the stage where ordinary home entertainment efforts and distractions such as Friendster, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, iTunes, even DVDs and eating desserts, can't even cheer me up anymore.

Thing is, I've been through one HELL of a hardworking week. Seriously.
Sleep-deprivation is so IN right now. Like, I only slept for a couple of hours these past few days in total, and those precious hours weren't even that effective, 'cuz I was having like countless nightmares and I would constantly spring awake every once in a while with no reason due to the scaring effect of haunting deadlines.

But, hey. I'm totally over it now.
Submitted my report. Did my presentation. And now I can at least get some well-earned time off to catch my breath and, I might add, catch up with my sleep.

Here's a peek of how I celebrated the mind-blowing report-submitting day along with fellow-survivors Jacelyn and Fanny yesterday.

That's Nine Australian Dollars of happiness and bliss, I tell you. *laughs*
Thanks to Dinni's for providing us with such awesome, SPICYLICIOUS ethnic food!

Oh yeah. I was watching the 2005 Smukie Arts Fest with Andrew some couple of hours ago in a failed attempt to randomly entertain myself after surviving last week's torture.

It was nostalgic, really. We burst out laughing like a dozen times while watching.
And somehow I felt weird watching that old memorable video, especially seeing vintage me singing on stage with that clumsy pajamas on! *laughs heartily* Omigod, like, I looked soooooooooo big back then! Big and nervous and unbearably out-of-style. *blushes* And since my vocal techniques weren't developed enough back then, I could catch some missed notes here and there, but that's alright. I'm still proud of myself.

Oooookay. I should stop right here. Better take some rest before the next assignment comes.
*sighs deeply*

I need a break.

Have a fabulous week, guys.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

...about today...

Currently listening to: Bliss - Alice Peacock ft. John Mayer

Right elevator, UniLodge Lonsdale, January 12, 2007

I decided to go back to my Clayton home this evening, after a hard-day's work strolling through the city area with Neja with a mission to find an appropriate dress for her. Worked off my feet so vigorously that now they ache like hell. Stopped by Starbucks Bourke Street after the all-day dress-shopping-mission thingy to get my daily dose of caffeine boost, took some silly pictures in between, then went back to her flat, packed up, and left.

Simple as that. So much for a supposedly nerdy weekend filled with Marketing 2, aye? *laughs*

So, here I am. Back in my room, basking in the coolness my fan is providing me, while outside the stars are shining like countless gems in the gleaming evening sky.
Oh well. Alright alright, I won't be all Shakespear-y and yes, I WILL be starting my assignment right after this, I promise I promise. *shakes head*

Anyways. Got a story to tell y'all.

When I was on my way back to Clayton, boarding the evening Cranbourne line train from Parliament Station, I saw this confused-and-clueless-looking old man, probably in his late sixties, sitting silently on a seat at the other side of the aisle. I was quite preoccupied with all my stuff, so I didn't pay that much attention to him. I plucked in my iPod, stretched out a little bit, and so the train started to move.

Yet, when the train was stopping at Melbourne Central, and I was absently texting on my phone, suddenly that man approached me slowly, and said something I couldn't make out partly because he was half-moaning. Probably it was in Spanish, I dunno, 'cuz he looked somewhat Latino-ish. I took off the right-side earphone, while at the same time asking him to repeat his sentence, then he started mumbling incoherently in some creepy language I could not understand.

Weirdly enough, somewhere between his groans I could hear him repeating "Where Melbourne? Where city? Where Pascoe Vale? Where we now?" and some other words which sounded a lot like such. I tried to explain to him that we were then at Melbourne Central, and if he wanted to go to the city area then he could get off here. Yet he looked VERY confused hearing my explanation and started repeating the where-melbourne-where-we-now loop over and over again.

Knowing at once that he couldn't speak English at all, I tried to repeat my sentences really, REALLY slowly, this time putting on my adopted Aussie accent hoping it would help, as the train started to move again. He was looking really bewildered with the whole situation since he and I were not in the same lingo positions and stuff, so I tried a new method and suggested him to wait until the train reached Flinders Street Station then go ask somebody, preferably a Metlink official, when he got there.

Suddenly he mentioned, or TRIED to communicate to me that he wanted to go to Pascoe Vale, which is a Melbourne suburb situated quite far away from Melbourne city central. Then, I panicked on the spot, since to go to Pascoe Vale he would have to change trains and board the Craigieburn line train which serves the area. I tried to explain this thing to him, yet halfway through my super-slow-and-clear explanation he waved his hand, said "Oh nevermind, I not understand" and walked away from me.

I stopped abrubtly, watching him walk away, looking so fragile and alone. I nearly wanted to ask him if he had a cellphone or a number or something so I could call his relatives or someone who could help, but then I saw an Asian girl approaching him and trying to talk to him, so I waited. She went through the whole where-melbourne-where-we-now loop thingy with him, looking at me once nervously in the process and I responded with a shrug.

Oh no. What are WE gonna do? I thought.

And, like, at that moment the train was already pulling onto Southern Cross Station, and apparently the Asian girl suggested the old man to get off here and get some help. The man agreed and went outside, but then suddenly a big, gray-haired Aussie lad who was actually the train driver came over to the poor old man and assisted him back into the train.

On the way to Flinders Street, I kept looking at that poor man sitting quietly on a seat right behind me. He was looking out the window, and at that very moment I started wondering why he was left alone without anybody to assist him. I mean, he was quite old, he couldn't speak English AT ALL, and he looked really, REALLY scared over the whole situation. It seemed like he was tired as well. I tried offering him my water bottle, thinking he was thirsty, but he just shook his head and said nothing.

Finally, the train reached Flinders Street after what seemed like forever, and an official immediately got into the train to fetch him, trying to assure him that everything was gonna be alright. So he was ushered out of the train, ever so slowly, repeatedly asking the official about where he was being taken to. I could hear some "Pasco Vale"s in his fragmented sentences as his voice faded away along with the closing of the train door.

Oh my oh my.

Like, I can't believe that his relatives were CRUEL enough to let him travel ALONE! On a train, nonetheless. In this HUGE metropolis with countless train lines and millions of stops, to make things even worse. I mean, dduh! He's old, English-deprived, also probably nearing senility, and thus should never be left alone without any supervision whatsoever. It broke my heart to see him there, all confused and lost, with no one to help him, no one to understand him.

And it shocked me even more when an Aussie couple [who just boarded the train just seconds after the old man was escorted out and coincidentally saw him getting out] mentioned to me that they saw the very same old man on board a Frankston line train this morning on their way to the city!! So technically he was lost all day long.

*faints on the spot*

Oh my GOD. Poor poor fella.

Whoever was cruel and vile enough to let that man travel on his own should be punished by law and got jailed for life or something. I mean, it is technically an act of cruelty! Don't you guys agree? *sighs*

So, dear nameless old man, wherever you are now... My sincere prayers are with you right now. Be safe, okay?
I hope you found your way back home, to wherever you wanted to go.

*prays hard* Huff.
I hope you guys will also be eager to spend a little bit of your time wishing him well.

May God bless and keep this one lost soul safe and sound.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 the heat of summer sunshine...

Currently listening to: Summer Sunshine - The Corrs

I finally got a taste of a totally REAL full-on Summer day that this dear ol' Melbourne has to offer.

Summer means extreme heat. Summer means minimal outfits and maximum sunblock application. Summer means having the constant disturbing feeling of being grilled alive in a blazing oven. Summer means FLIES, and no sweat even though you dehydrate. Summer means continuous eye-covering with sunnies.

And summer means fourty-one f*ckin' degrees in the CBD area alone. Right about now as I'm typing inside my room, in the air-conditioned comfort of Neja's super-cozy city flat. Haven't I mentioned that I'm evacuating to the city for a week? *laughs*

Okay. I mean, imagine that. Fourty one. Fourty frikkin' one degrees. And the weather is so bad and so hot today that the government has put up a Total Fire Ban all throughout Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs. For more details please click HERE.

This is an understated preview of how Lonsdale Street looks like right now under the scorching summer sunshine.

And, as you always know, cameras often LIE and are not always precise in capturing off-lens emotions, so please multiply the heat effect that is evident in those two pictures by like FIVE times or more. *laughs*

But seriously. The heat is almost killing me right now. Thank God somebody was smart enough to invent air-conditioners. Otherwise I think I would've died already, grilled alive. *sighs*

So much for maximizing skin protection against premature cancer, then, I guess.

Have a nice hot Summer day, everyone!! *puts on sunnies*

Monday, January 07, 2008

Currently listening to: All I Ask of You - Patrick Wilson & Emmy Rossum

So I'm now officially back in Melbourne.

And, as stupid and outta-this-world as it may seem... I'm actually missing J-Town even more right now. Like, MUCH MUCH more. So badly that it took me a whole day of thinking and crying and yelling and freaking out to finally be able to get this crazy feeling of wanting to go back home in control.

Well it's not like I actually hate it here. My life's good, sometimes even better than what I had back home. The freedom, the weather, the Internet connection, the easiness of travel all around the place, stuff like that. Yet I can't help it. I couldn't help it.

I MISS MY HOME. *sobs*

When I got off the plane on Saturday evening, I was greeted by the super-dry hotness of an authentically full-on Summer day. Thirty-four degrees Celcius at night, nonetheless. Had to take a cab all the way back to Clayton which cost me quite a fortune, then I had to spend the night trying to sleep and suffocating on my bed only with a goddamn fan to help relieve and blow the hotness away. Cried myself to sleep, cuz I was thinking about random stuff so random that it got to a stage when my brain wasn't exactly working anymore and my heart took over and thus the crying-myself-to-sleep thing happened due to excessive reminiscing of my days back in J-Town.

I feel like I didn't do enough back there.
Still got tons of business to do, yet time had its limit and I was forced to fly back here and face real life once again. Along with its extreme ups-and-downs.

But still. It was GOOD to be back.
I couldn't be happier than I was. The moments when I was back in J-Town, those unforgettable three weeks, were one of the best memories of my life. And I'm gonna move on with my life know, knowing that eventually I have to, while at the same time trying to treasure those memories and convince myself that this is all for the greater good.

My future.

Alright. Now I sound over-dramatic.
Geez I'm such a drama king. *sighs*

Anyways. Tell you one thing.

On board the plane from Singapore to Melbourne, I tried the worldwide-famous Singapore Sling cocktail. It was soooooooo good and I loved it so much that I dared to ask for a second glass, and I ended up getting high on the plane. It was daytime, and I know I was extremely stupid, but yeah. The mix was good. Even though I had to endure getting dizzy on a plane with no music on and nobody to enjoy it with. *laughs*

Too bad they don't have the mix served in clubs and lounges here. At least I haven't seen one with the mix listed on the menu.

Oh well.
I gotta stop now and get some rest. I deserve some time-off soooooo much.

It's kinda stupid when you think about it, you see. Going to college during Summer when everybody else is having a long, well-deserved break. *sighs* But I guess I'll have to get by.

Alrighty then catch y'all later!! *waves*

Saturday, January 05, 2008

...about leaving on a jet plane...

I'm leaving J-Town tomorrow morning. In less than six frikkin' hours.

I wanna travel through time.
And rewind everything all over again.
So I can repeat every laugh.
Re-cry every tear.
And give myself another reason to move on with my life as I know I have to.

I wanna give myself more time to think, and reminisce.
Realizing just how much I still hold on to my past, tighter than I thought I did.

So I'm leaving on a jet plane.
Don't know when I'll be back again.

But yes, darling...
As the song suggests me to do...

I really hate to go...

I bid you farewell, dear J-Town.
You know my heart always stays with you. Forever. No matter how far I stray, no matter how long I will be away.

Until then...
See you.

*wipes tears off cheek*

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...about another year...

Well, first of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
*blows trumpet in delight*

I believe 2007 has been a very good year. Full of happiness, joy, even heartaches and pain. Yet it has been good. For all of us. And we should be grateful, for each and every day that has passed; they're all not in vain.

'Coz I believe that there's a reason for everything that happens in our lives.
A reason to exist, and a reason to be thankful for it.

So let us all now open our hearts, prepare our minds, and greet 2008 with positivity and optimism. Keep in our minds that as time goes by, we grow. And growth leads to eventual betterment, through hardships and fragments of bliss.

I hope this new year will be brighter, and better, for all of us. Amen.
*crosses fingers*

This gives us another reason to celebrate, people!! *laughs*

I've reset the layout for this blog. Back to black, I dare as to quote Amy Winehouse. Some few minor readjustments are yet to be made, but I will worry about them later. In a few days, perhaps, when I'm back in Melbourne and on the liberalizing Internet connection there. *smiles*

Got places to go. Got celebrations to attend. Got people to meet. Got hugs and smiles to give out to people. Including you!! *waves*

This is the time and place to welcome new coming days.

So once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!