Friday, March 30, 2007

...this far...

Love always needs a complicated measure.

Sometimes, it needs more than just a sacrifice to be able to flourish. It hurts, like most poets say. And yeah, it does, big time.

But then, at other times, love is simple. Sweet, but simple. Nothing compares to the divine, priceless moments it can create.

That everlasting hug, sweet smiles, and joyful tears you guys shared that day have taught me this.
Thank you, and congratulations.

Yeah, love always needs a complicated measure.
But trust me, guys. Once you fall in love, never hesitate, 'cuz you will never regret.
I don't. I never will.

Have a nice weekend! =)

Monday, March 26, 2007

...about the picture...

XII Social 3 of SMAK 1 BPK PENABUR Jakarta
Academic year 2006-2007
Location: The Old Batavia Complex. Central Jakarta

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

...about thank-yous...

Thank you, guys.

Neverending support from you all has kept me alive these past few days.
And for that, I wanna say thank you.

To An-An, for our simple yet reminiscent MSN-sessions. Hurry back, bro.

To Renata, Andrew, Dickson, Brian, for their endless encouraging smiles and sincere company at times of necessity.

To Adeline, Caroline, Frederick, Lina, Natassa Dea, Richard, for their ever-present availability and all the silly laughs they've shared together with me.

To Mia, for the late-night calls and conversations.

To Bu Yenny, for the kind acknowledgement.

To Cvn, for being there as my brother all the way. I'm sorry, bro.

To *piip*, for showing me how to bleed, and cry, and realize.

To Ton-Ton, for being supportive.

To each and everyone of you who reads this post and understands.

And not to forget my huge huge thankfulness to Syaharani and Norah Jones for keeping me company with their comforting songs and soothing lyrics.

Thank you so much, dear friends.
I couldn't have made it through without you all.

Have a nice week! =)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007 up...

I give up.
This is going nowhere.

My heart is now broken beyond repair. And nobody even seem to care.
Even all those people I used to run to whenever problems arise seem to have left me alone now to fight on my own.

Oh, well.
Reality bites.

Wish me luck on this fuckin-'crazy tryouts week guys.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

...about work...

Here is my massively neverending to-do list for this hectic week:

1. Start compiling yearbook pollings with Andre and Andrew
Make sure all the names of group-photographs are in by tomorrow *shrugs*
3. Take turns in shifts supervising photo-sessions of juniors
4. Prepare for the upcoming tryouts [baca: no afterschool starbucks or movies or internet surfing or shopping] *sobs*
5. Keep my consistently failing Maths score above the SKBM
6. Follow-up interviews for column *scratches head*
7. Do a survey to Plaza Indonesia and Senayan City for column [guilty pleasure mode ON]
8. Attend Tar-Q2's theater play for column [Friday night, finally]
9. Finish all articles before column deadline [March13]
10. College-stuff? Awfully left behind *sighs*
11. Attend yearbook meeting in every lunchbreak

CliffNotes' Version?
This week is going to kill me.

*sighs again*
Oh, well.

Just try and have fun while you can, guys. Don't wanna end up like me, do you?
Trust me, catching-ups will never be fun.

Monday, March 05, 2007

...feeling like it...

I totally need a break.

Everytime I start thinking of seriously getting a REAL, insightful, serious way of living for the tryouts and exams are, like, coming nearer by the second, I fail desperately.
You see, the mindset is unmoved. I keep putting the term 'having fun' as the very first priority on my neverending to-do list though I know I should've stopped.

The obligations are killing me. Yearbook. Prom. Not to mention all the study sessions I'm bound to attend and those complicated college-plannings I have to get done by next month.

Huff. Whatever. I'm so tired right now.
Have a nice week, guys. *sighs* I wish I could have one peaceful week just for myself.

Wish me luck on the upcoming tryouts.