Tuesday, December 30, 2008

...i get amnesia when i'm standing next to yo-o-ou...

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Southbank, Melbourne, Nov 8 2009

Please try to ignore the disproportionate and uneven mess that is the above image. *tugs at hair*
Gotta admit I had tried my best to at least, if at all, improve the quality of the picture just a little bit, and of course I'd try again if I wasn't already too consumed by my own sense of bitterness to continue.

Epic fail.
Let's just say that possessing incomparable photography skills isn't what The Big Guy had in mind for yours truly when He decided to create this being *points at self* out of thin air.

And speaking of Melbourne, picture-wise, that reminds me: I finally watched "Australia" today.

And let's just say that I disagree with a lot of movie critics out there, on various grounds.

Yes, the plot is draggy, even tedious and awfully boring at times. Hell yeah the movie is bloody long: I gotta tell you that enduring two hours and forty-five minutes of sitting inside a cold-as-fuck theater watching cattles get scurried here and there isn't exactly all happy and joy, obviously. Most of the romantic scenes are cheesy, typical of a major Hollywood movie. A bit too much kissing as well, if I may add. And a lot of things remain unexplained after the conclusion of the story, like what the Drover's actual name was, or what the future of Faraway Downs was going to be like, and so on.
But other than that, I can assure you, the movie is absolutely beautiful.

The scenery is just breathtaking. The dialogues are strong and meaningful. The chemistry present between the actors also adds to the movie's charm. And the strong, influential presence of a cultural background that frames the story beautifully. All in all, I think "Australia" is an amazing movie, worthy of praise and respect. After all, this is the biggest movie ever made in Australia, done by Australians, nonetheless.

And the fact that the movie brings up the issue of the Stolen Generation adds to my fascination. I coincidentally chose this issue as the topic of my major essay for BHS1712 last semester, so at least I have a decent prior understanding of the matter at hand. Watching the movie gave me an accurate and detailed depiction of the actual happenings that took place during that period of pain and frantic, when Anglo-Australians took half-White, half-Aborigine children away from their families by force and transferred them into training facilities where they would be trained as slaves and servants for the Whites. But no, I shall not get into discussing that issue. Let's just keep it all safe, PG-13, for now. *grins*

Bottom line? "Australia" is a must-watch.
Oh, and I particularly like the quote said by The Drover's Aborigine friend - I forgot who his name was - to The Drover when they were discussing about the love that The Drover had for Lady Ashley. "You don't have love in your heart, you got nothing." And that was the point when The Drover realized that he had to come back to Lady Ashley and tell her how he felt before it was too late. I found that quote specifically meaningful. *grins*

Enough of the crappy movie review.

The date is set. I'm flying back Down Under on February 14 first thing in the morning.
No love for me next year, I guess. Unless I find myself sitting beside a total hottie with perfect hair and innocent puppy eyes on board SQ 217 or something.
Well probably not. But a guy can only hope. *winks*

So that leaves me with about 48 days to spend here at home, but who's counting? I know I'm not. I have never enjoyed living at home this much in my entire life. Never.
When it's time, it's time. I don't wanna rush it.

But hey, come to think of it, this year really flew by in a flash. Didn't it?
In about one day and a few hours, 2008 will be history. And 2009 is already knocking on our doors, ecxited to be let in.
On a more personal level, that means I've got only two more semesters to go in uni, and in about a month's time I'm going to turn twenty! *passes out*

Wow. I'm getting old. For real.
Ah, whatever. We'll talk about this later.

'll have my slice of toast now, if you like. Hell with the no-food-after-6PM rule I singlehandedly ordered myself to obey. I need my calories.

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve, people!
Please watch your alcohol intake and try to NOT get drunk, if possible? *laughs*

You know you love me,

*insert sounds of people throwing up on the background*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

...about a grown-up christmas reflection...

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Main Atrium, Mall Ciputra, Dec 19 2008

I think of Christmas as more of a season than an occasion.

A season of happiness. Of giving thanks. Of sharing the joy we have with others. A season of being grateful. A season of loving, and being loved. A season of forgiving, and being forgiven.

I know some cynics view Christmas as another commercialized holiday season, one whose hype and festivity is amplified and exaggerated as such that people can be persuaded and lured into buying presents, decorations, cards, and other Christmas-related stuff which aren't necessarily important in the first place.

And yes, I do agree that sometimes things get out of control.
Christmas big sale here, Christmas special offers there. Lookie here, come to this shopping mall and you can experience (fake) snow, though the gigantic Christmas tree is no longer there. Visit that shopping arcade and you can get a chance to go into Santa's house and take pictures with the big, fat, red-costumed, white-bearded bloke. Shop at this department store and you can win lots 'n lots of prizes! And oh, don't forget that once-iconic, now-slowly-fading shopping mall in South Jakarta that boasts its pirate-themed Christmas decorations. The list never ends.

Yes, it's true. Sometimes people get so overwhelmed with the commercial side of the season that they forget just what Christmas is all about.

In essence, Christmas is NOT about decorations, or presents, or discounts and sales and special offers whatsoever. And it's not an outright religious occasion black and white as well, at least to me personally it's not. I'm never one to emphasize the importance of rituals and formality, 'cuz I just don't think that they're as important as what's below the surface. Rituals won't have any meaning, or significance, if they're practiced and done without any form of sincerity and understanding of Christmas's true values. Instead of going all hardcore with the rituals and ceremonies, why not just stay simple, and share the happiness and joy imprinted in your hearts with others in need? That would have so much more meaning and relevance to what Christmas actually is about.

Christmas should be joyful, festive, and colorful as it is. But aside from all the festivity, it should also be used as a time to love, share, and forgive. A time to be with our most loved ones. A time to be thankful of everything we've experienced this year. A time to be aware of, and grateful for, the fact that it was on this day that our Savior was born to the world and delivered salvation for us all.

Of course, Christmas should also be used as a time to reflect on what we've all done during the past year, good or bad, and to decide what we're gonna do next. What we've done well, and what we can do to perform even better in those fields. What we haven't done correctly, and what we can do to improve them next time.

To be honest, I personally think of Christmas as a chance to be perfectly happy, full-stop. No fine print. And I've got plenty of reasons to be happy about!

To state the awfully obvious, I'm home, with my family and loved ones, so that means I'm spending this year's festive season with them! I'm a grown-up now, so I'm able to understand the real meaning of Christmas underneath it all. And most importantly of all, Christmas is the only one season in which my childishness is approved and suitably justified! *laughs* So, yeah.

After all, Christmas is the very best time of the year, without a doubt. Frills and all.
And it only comes around every twelve months, so make sure to get the best out of the season while it's still here. Shall we? *winks*

Merry Christmas, guys. Sincerely. Have a good one. =)


...No more lives torn apart,
That wars would never start,
And time would heal our hearts...

And everyone would have a friend,
And right would always win,
And love would never end...

This is my grown-up Christmas list,
This is my only lifelong wish,
This is my grown-up Christmas list...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

...'cause the ground is breaking, i can feel it shaking...

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Main Atrium, Mal Taman Anggrek, 2008

So, ladies and gentlemen, THAT *points at the two images above* is what MTA managed to pull together for its Christmas-themed decorations this year.

And I really can't say I'm impressed, honestly. 'Cuz I'm not.
I mean, seriously. Something's not right. Whatever happened to its signature giant tree, extravagant decorations, and authentic Christmas feel?
Tell me what you think. *sighs*


In case you're wondering, life's been good to me lately, despite the lack of a decent home Internet connection -- which is going to change in one week's time, by the way -- and the predictable strikes of boredom happening every now and then. Nothing new, really. I'm just trying to enjoy my time off as much as I can while it lasts.
I take this as some sort of a personal sabbatical, or something along those lines. And though holidays can be dull and boring at times, it's always good to know that at least I can still get the chance to take some time off and let off some steam. So, yeah. *grins*

I've also been frolicking across town visiting all the new shopping centers and trying out various new stuff. No guilt-trips now, since my time isn't limited.
Shopping? Checked. Mall-hopping? Checked. Going to the movies? Checked. Visiting Bandung? Checked. Collecting stamps for this year's Starbucks Planner? Checked, and nearly done with it as we speak *laughs*. Hanging out at Starbucks Puri? Checked, checked, checked.

And here's my list of things to do during the next fourteen days:
1. Go to Smukie's Christmas celebration this Friday;
2. Raid Glodok and Mangga Dua for DVDs and PC-Game CDs *grins*;
3. Be done with the stamps and collect my Planner, preferably at Starbucks Puri;
4. Finish tasks from Dad TODAY;
5. Wait for confirmation for broadband Internet installation, finally;
6. Visit FX! Omigod this is so long overdue. LOL.

It's totally not my fault that I'm feeling fab at the mo'. Being lazy has never felt better.

Christmas is near!
Ah. Sweet. I want a kiss under the mistletoe. *grins*

Have a good day everybody! =)

Oh, and on a sidenote...
I just don't understand why people are, like, so obsessed with Edward Cullen a.k.a. Robert Pattinson a.k.a that pale, sharp-eyed, swooning guy from Twilight.

I mean, yeah he's good-looking and all, true. Yet after seeing an array of friends exclaiming their so-called 'Cullen addiction' in their profiles and adding 'Cullen' or 'Pattinson' as their nicknames or even surnames on Facebook and such, I'm beginning to think that this is all so overrated.
Geez. Get over it, people. Trust me, you don't wanna fall in love with a vampire. I mean, look at what happened to Bella Swan! *laughs*

No offense to all Robert Pattinson fans out there, of course.
Lates! =)

Saturday, December 06, 2008

...about nothing in particular...

It's been, what, ten days now? I dunno. I lost count.
My days here have been meaningless and useless. Nothing to do, nowhere to go to, with nobody to go with anyway.

I'm starting to wonder why I'm here.
Can't imagine going through another eight painful, vacant weeks like this. I really hope I won't have to. And my internship doesn't start till the beginning of next year. That gives me a full two weeks of nothingness and more nothingness. But hey, whatever. I guess I'll have to get by.

I'll write again in a day or two. My battery's dying and I'm not at home.
Somebody give me a decent Internet connection at home. Please? *sighs*

I miss Melbourne. Even more than I'd thought I would.


PS: This year's Christmas decorations at Mall Taman Anggrek SUCKS, big time. I'm utterly disappointed. *shakes head*