Thursday, December 21, 2006

...peppermint mocha...

My favorite Starbucks menu this week: Tall Iced Peppermint Mocha!!!
I simply love this extraordinary yet fancy combination of chocolate, coffee, and peppermint syrup all in one small package. Too bad it's seasonal. *sobs*

That irresistibly beautiful Starbucks Limited Edition 2007 Planner is on my number one Christmas wishlist this year. Hey Santa guy, you hear me??

Most of my friends have temporarily moved out to Cilacap, doing the Live In thingy. And now I feel so incredibly stupid for letting the chance to join them slip away in a flash.
I wanna be there. I wanna be with them. Oh, well.

Hidup ini, as Andrew puts in.

Christmas is coming in five days. And jTown's ignorant as ever.
Nothing more to raise the Christmas spirit than occasional rains and zero decorations.

Even the huge successful malls which I had expected earlier to have some decent integrity in putting up some shiny pleasant Christmas colors seem to be losing their touch.

....I want to emigrate, just for the season. *sobs*
Poor me.

Have a blessed holiday season, guys.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

...chain-blogging 5.. or is it 6??

1.ur cellphone? :
~ motorola razr v3x.. getting bored..

2.mp3 player? :
~ my hape merangkap =)

3. shoes? :
~ converse! calvin klein! adidas!

4. bags? :
~ umm.. burberry? *digampar* eastpak's fine thanks..

5. perfume? :
~ currently addicted to the body shop's oceanus

6. shampoo? :
~ herbal essences

7.soap? :
~ tangerine rocks!

8.sandals? :
~ giordano's wws

9. wallet? :
~ distro! hahaha..

10.tooth paste? :
~ close up mint

11.tooth brush? :
~ pepsodent, i think.. conditioner? :
~ don't need one..

13.tissue? :
~ heh?

14. watches? :
~ SWATCH forever!

15.jacket? :
~ adidas ltd., distro cuties.. *mupenglity*

19.jeans? :
~ i love levi's worn-outs

20.laptop? :
~ craving for an iBook *sobs*

21.t-shirts? :
~ halah..

22.instant noodles? :
~ indomie kari ayam spesial

23.milk? :
~ prefer fresh milk

24.calculator? :
~ hahaha.. casio lahr..

~ i know this was gonna happen >_< si *piip*!!! hahahaha..

Have a fabulous, flirtatious, fighting-over-remeds week, guys!!

Saturday, December 09, 2006 immortal...

One thing I learned after finishing a week of exams is that life is unpredictable.
One disaster comes after another. Yeah. And it never stops.

Just when I thought everything couldn't get any worse, it strikes again. AGAIN. And I was left defenseless. Weak. Forgotten, with no one to help me.

Let's just hope next week will be better.

Christmas is in the air, yay! Finally.
At least I'll have something special to look forward to with my beloved Smukiez Choir.

Carollings, carollings, carollings!
And oh yeah, I still got frikkin' Maths to deal with.

Oh, well.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

...about exams...

This week turns out to be even more awfully BAD.

Exams start in four days.
Gawd. Belum siap mental nih.

Ciayo guys!
Selamat belajar ya.

Doakan JJ supaya nggak cepat jadi gila.
Luvya all.