Friday, August 31, 2007

..about the shocking news..

This is one good way to really wake me up in supercold mornings with disastrously strong winds and a considerable level of drop-dead laziness that still clings so heavily to my eyes.


It's titled "Gimme More". And yes, it sounds great. I love love LOVE this track!! *jumps around excitedly*

She's back! Another chain of success is definitely waiting for her. Now I can hardly wait to hear what the rest of her upcoming album will sound like. Oh well. A guy can only hope.

Let's just cross our fingers and pray that hopefully she's gonna start to BEHAVE properly from now on. *sighs*

Listen to the track here.
Or you can download it here. Just click on the Track #1 link that appears on the page.

Please be aware that I am NOT making a single penny out of this.

I can barely contain my excitement right now.


Thursday, August 30, 2007

..the pieces gone..

Currently listening to: Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

My supposedly expected-to-be-boring days so far turn out to be quite eventful.
Am really really REALLY grateful for the actually-undeserving HD I managed to scrap in the first Accounting assignment. I nearly burst into tears when I got the papers back and looked at the flashing big red '93%' circled untidily on the cover sheet; I was like speechless and shaking all over in an instant, literally. Added by constant ga-gaing and continuous euphoric stomach-lurches that managed to stay for hours afterwards.

I mean, omigod, this is my FIRST ever authentic good mark I receive in this frikkin' subject!! Like, the very very first one in almost three years of lingering in complete oblivion struggling to try and grasp the idea of doing Accounting properly.

I am blessed to have such supportive and competent friends who are willing to help me overcome my incurable dumbness in numbers and reach this outstanding achievement.

And, yes. I am truly grateful. Thank you, guys.
*continues to glance gratefully, tearful-eyed, at Sharlene, Leyi, and Andrew*

Well. Then came the lunar eclipse thingy.

It happened on Tuesday night for around an hour. And we were all ecstatic! Leyi kept calling me back to give updates on the whereabouts of the moon, aided by occasional hyped-up screamings coming from her housemate. *grins* My friends who live in the city even went to Albert Park just to see! Too bad the sky was cloudy in the city area that night. *sighs* I took the chance to text my besties in J-Town, even took the chance to text a gotten-over past crush for a sweet reply *winks winks*, and called some other peeps who were just as excited as I was. Then I called Chris, and he told his friends, and they told their second-degree friends, and those friends told somebody else, and so on the channel goes.

But, yeah. In the end it was beautiful. Quite a rare sight, you know, seeing the moon turn bloody red and stay that way for hours. It was as if something cruel was hurting the moon sooo badly that it bled. *laughs* Felt like witnessing a fairy tale scene in real life, strangely enough.
Too bad I couldn't capture the sight since it's like too unreachably far away [well it's the moon fgs]. My available camera lenses are not that strong leh! Hahaha.

So there you go. Life's been okay lately. Dormant and peacefully funny like it used to be back home. Am not in any rush to speed up, though. I've got hectic, stressful weeks coming up, so I'm enjoying every laid-back moment to the fullest every chance I get!

I hope this week's been fantastic for you guys as well.
Lates! =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

..don't care if i show it..

Sorry for not being quite in touch.

Last week had been too awfully hectic. My mind was like focusing all over the place I barely even had time to think properly. Damn journals. Damn websites. Damn textbooks. Damn superlongandboring essays. Damn superextraduperlongandtiring reports.

..Oh well. Randomness suits me best, I tell you.

But but but hey, here I am now! Body and soul and right state of mind and all.
I wish I will finally be able to take some time just to slack off and catch my breath this week. Not to mention that I have some urgent catching-ups to do in terms of sleeping hours. *sighs* Then I will soon have to start braving the cruel cruel world once again what with another crappy assignment waiting round the corner.

I was walking home from supper yesterday evening, feeling thoroughly exhausted yet considerably well-fed, relieving from the traces of excessive stress left after long, sleepless night typing away on my laptop, when I saw some glimmering colors shining brightly on the little still-sunny edge of the sky.

The beautiful reddish strikes that glow amongst layers of gloomy gray just caught my overworked eyes, and I relieved upon the magical sight. Then I knew that I was being comforted, right there, on the spot.

Yes. The Mighty Big Guy Up There always has His own funny ways to cheer up the weary.

Life's not that bad when you think about it, you know. No matter how far you've gone and how much you've suffered. In the end, victory is still yours, in one form or another.

Sometimes simple little miracles can really help you remember that you are being loved and cared for.
And yeah I've always known that. Yet sometimes I still can't help but need a little bit of reminder, in the form of surprises sweetly enough like the one I saw yesterday.

Let's just hope He still has more in stock nicely planned for me after all this is done. I can probably enjoy the warm mellow-y mood for once. *sighs*
Have a nice week, people! =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

..i smashed it all in pieces..

Currently listening to: Stupidest Girl in the World - Andrea Corr

Spring is coming much earlier that I thought it would.

Lately I've noticed that everybody seems eager to start cutting back the usual gloomy excessiveness of winter clothing, replacing it with colorful shorties and shirts. Not to mention the ever-irresistible presence those oh-so-hot-and-steamy pairs of oversized sunnies back out and about. The weather's been nice as well; sun's up all day long and not even a glimpse of those annoyingly strong winds blowing onto your face scratching all over.

But, yeah. If Spring is really coming then I better start rearranging my wardrobe for real. Not that I do have a decent one down here, mind you. My outfit collection is far too pathetic -- variety and sufficiency speaking -- to boast about; raiding stores with shining 'SALES' tags on them might me my number one mission in the next two weeks or so.

Well okay. Call me freaky noticing these kinds of things, but fashion has always been part of my passion, among other unimportant things. So, there you go.

In the mean time, I'm gonna have to deal with frikkin' Marketing and Management essays.
No fun for me this week, I guess. *sighs*

Please once again pardon my delusional randomness.
You know, blogging has always been, redundancy tagged, my sweetly sweetest sweet escape, referring to lovely Gwen Stefani.

Oh gosh. Wtf.
Finally, in respect to yet another celebrity to make this post sound even grosser than it already is, I will close today's post with a quote from the infamous Paris Hilton;

"...What's Wal-Mart? Do they, like, sell like wall stuff here?"

And oh yeah, thanks a lot for the bunch of rotten tomatoes. *winks*
Have a FABULOUS week, guys! =)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

..about a picture..

Friday, August 17, 2007

..about august 17..

...Happy 62th Birthday, Dear Indonesia.

Another year, another number, another period has passed.

We've had our times; good ones, bad ones, and ones in between. We've shared happiness. Pride. Troubles. Even pain and losses. Has been great getting through my life with you, mate. Has been a hell of an amazing experience living under your wings, the only place in the world I can still refer to as 'home', wherever I go. Has been hard going away and move on as well, after all these years. But we will never be too far apart; distance can only do so much.

No matter what happens; despite all those conflicts, riots, disasters, heartaches...
Your sweetness remains, deep down inside my heart.
And I will always remember you for that.

...Dirgahayu Indonesia Merdeka!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

..about the quote..

"..You're the weak one..

..and you'll never know love,

or friendship..

..and i feel sorry for you.."

--Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie

Monday, August 13, 2007

...KADO KENDO!!...

R.E.A.C.H PRODUCTION proudly presents:
An independent movie created by Indo-Melbournians

Yay! Finally, some REALLY good stuff to share! *winks*

So I apparently I joined a community that's on its way to promote a HUGE movie project. And since I couldn't be involved in the production stage anymore as it was finishing already by the time I got in, yet I am sooooo deeply called to participate, the least I can do is be a helping hand! Obviously only one of many, of course. Promotional efforts are on, people!! Hahaha. *grins*

Right. To make things simple, here's the official synopsis of the movie!

"Kendo Wijaya (Johan Suriadihalim) is a moody, reckless, and short-tempered guy who walks through life rebelliously and alone. Like a typical offspring of a wealthy family, Kendo is emotionally abandoned by his busy father, who sees money as an end to solve problems and provide happiness for his son. However, with Kendo’s future appearing bleaker by the day – in the midst of failing school and frequent school brawls – his father sends him abroad to Melbourne.

They say when one door closes, another one opens – and this is especially true in Kendo’s case. In a surprising turn of events, Kendo then manages to befriend several people with a mutual passion and talent for music and together they form a band. Also, against his own expectations, Kendo finds himself incredibly gripped by Natalia (Christa Natawidjaja), a sweet and religious girl whose personality is an exact antithesis of himself.

Yet, due to Kendo’s headstrong nature and bitter upbringing, he undoubtedly clashes with his friends and band members. But when all hope feels lost, Natalia introduces him to a single force that will subsequently transform his life – God. Problems may never cease to appear, but with God he can face them more courageously than before. But will he be able to ever forgive his neglecting father? And will he be able to face the ultimate test of faith when he unearths a devastating secret about Natalia, which will ominously change both of their lives?

"Kado Kendo" is a story of friendship, forgiveness and faith that intensifies the importance of having someone beside you to walk through it all..."

The movie will be screening REALLY soon! Only less than a month away, if my calculations are correct. *Pardon my super-weak maths*

6-7 September 2007 at RMIT Capitol Theatre, Melbourne City
8 September 2007 at The Monash University Clayton Theatre, Clayton North

Contact me!! =)

The ticket only costs AUD10! Quite cheap, yes? And you can register the special numbers written on it for a chance to win one of the available doorprize items!
Please do contact me if you are interested. I will happily explain everything in more detail to you guys. *bows down*

Oh yeah. For more info, you can visit the R.E.A.C.H Production website or have a look at Kado Kendo's Friendster page when you're online! Kindly click on the links please. *winks*
Wanna see the trailer? Look at this blog's sidebar!

And, if you don't speak Indonesian, don't worry! Cuz the movie will be accurately subtitled.

Hahaha. I feel like one of those persistently annoying salespeople already.

Anyways. Come and watch, Indo-Melbournians!
It's gonna be worth it, trust me. *laughs*

*promotion mode: OFF*

Saturday, August 11, 2007 i not?..

I've got a new cell-phone, people!!!!

yness!! As Sharlene puts in. *winks*

Yep. It's the new Nokia 6120 classic edition. It's middle-end, small, lightweight, sleek, and stylish! Soooooo more handy than my old bulky Motorola Razr V3x. I have officially announced it my new handsome cell of the year. Hahahaha. Quite okay, huh? Especially since I got it with a very good bargain also.

Yay! =)

And oh yeah, I have converted to 3 as well. But my cell phone number stays the same. No worries, guys! =) less to worry about this way.

The mid-term break, I've noticed, turns out to be immeasurably boring. Filled up my days laboring for Accounting; met up with some friends to watch the super-hillarious Simpsons Movie, did Accounting, cooked some crazy Tom Yum for dinner, did Accounting, managed to do some minor window-shopping, did Accounting, slept like a pig, did Accounting... and so on.
Notice how I put too much emphasis on the 'did Accounting' thingy? *sighs*

..Well. Basically been having a helluva tedious week so far. Hopefully a nicely-set Max Brenner plan tommorow will finally turn things around. Hopefully.

Thanks to friends who have been supporting me with the frikkin' assignment!
Let's just hope this rushing euphoria to finish the project doesn't wear off soon enough. I still need my spirits to get things done! *shakes head desperately

Have a great great GREAT weekend guys! *hugs*

Thursday, August 09, 2007

...are you?...

"...Do I love you because you're beautiful
Or are you beautiful because I love you...?"

"...Do I want you because you're wonderful
Or are you wonderful because I want you...?"

"...Are you the sweet invention of a lover's dream...?

...Or are you really as wonderful as you seem..?"

..And yes. I do wonder too.
Just as much as I am now missing you.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

...taking me over...

My heart is warmed by unspeakable joy right now.

I was finally given the chance to get back in front of the mike and sing beautiful worships yesterday together with Mel-Mel. Freedom touched me directly, and my voice was able to soar! Literally. I had never found such overwhelming peace in my whole life, made complete by doing the one thing I am so deeply passionate about, which is singing.

Looks like The Big Guy Up There has given me another fruitful calling of service unto Him. And I'm thankful. Truly. *bows down*

Thanks a million to my amazing friends of SoFt! for the photo-session that was incredibly fun, the movie-marathon, the cooking, and every little thing in between.

And yeah, mid-term break's here yay! Hahahahaha. *jumps excitedly*
Hopefully another great week waiting round the corner.

".i see the world."
August 4, 2007, RMIT University city campus, Melbourne

Friday, August 03, 2007

...i miss you...

Currently listening to: Gwen Stefani - 4 in the Morning

Been feeling extremely, annoyingly cranky this past few days.
Uhm. Sorry for that. Really. My mood's been out of control, for real. A boy's time of the month, I guess. Don't know for sure about that. *sighs*

For a certain somebody out there, you know who you are. And I hope you're reading this.

I took my time browsing through some of the oldest messages I still kept in my Friendster inbox the other day. And I found yours. Your messages. So many of them, some of which dated back to 2004, still stacked neatly, intact, at the far back corner. While in fact you have been there longer. Very much longer. Messing around with that aching chunk of my heart you once stole and won't ever give back.

I sometimes wonder why destiny seemed to have found a HUGE interest to put somekind of a heartless joke upon us and decided to twist us around so violently with His well-trained hands. How your life, and mine, could intersect and move away so many times without being able to ever meet at one point where everything is okay. Really.

I wonder why I still bother to hold on.
Why I still don't know how to stop, listen, and move on with my life.
Why I still feel like you're part of my life, even down here, distanced from everything else.

And why, oh why on earth do I still remember eveything about you..?

All of them. Your smiles, your hugs, your laughs, your cries, your kiss...
Even the way you smell, the oh-so familiar scent still lingering in the air everytime I look back and remind myself of your presence, of how we were once so happy, so... perfect...

It hurts just thinking about you, you know. Even though this is getting addictive and I don't know how to stop this, I keep craving for more.

And now, in the end, you can only say that you've been busy.

I once discussed with Mia that life is like playing in an endless children playground. You find an interesting ride, you get on them, you laugh, you fall, you cry, you get bruises, and those bruises will heal, slowly. You put patches on them and get back playing, finding friends along the way and starting to mingle with them. There are times when you fall again, get bruised again; maybe you accidentally rip open the old healing wounds that they start to bleed again or fall harder that the cuts are deeper, then you have to put patches on them once more and let them heal. As time goes by, you start to learn to play on the safer side, to avoid yourself from falling down and creating new wounds. The scars will disappear, but sometimes bits of them will remain aching, to remind you of what you will get when you mess around and get careless.

Sometimes I can't help regretting the way my playground life has shaped me. How I have gotten myself bruised so badly in places that it is impossible to get them all healed up.
Can't do that. I know, I know.
I just wish I knew why.

"...But it hurts when I think
When I let it sink in
It's all over me
I'm lying here in the dark
I'm watching you sleep, it hurts a lot..
And all I know is
You've got to give me everything
Nothing less cause
You know I give you all of me
I give you everything that I am
I'm handing over everything that I've got
Cause I wanna have a really true love
Don't ever wanna have to go and give you up
Stay up till four in the morning and the tears are pouring
And I want to make it worth the fight
What have we been doing for all this time?
Baby if we're gonna do it, come on do it right..."

..I miss you.