Thursday, May 31, 2007

...choices i gotta make...

I have recently gotten back to slumping into one of my most gruesome-yet-enjoyable holiday-habit of the week: doing marathons of Desperate Housewives season 3 DVDs. Hell it is fun, and also addictive. I've finished four out of a total of seven tempting, deliciously waiting DVDs in a day already, and if you think that's a lot, wait till I tell you how I nailed watching my last collection of CHARMED.

Hahaha. Now I'm a confirmed TV-freak. Do I get to be proud? *grins*

As I was saying... Well, doing the marathon-thingy today has taught me quite a memorable lesson. Aside from learning that sitting continuously on hard floor for four consecutive hours with no supporting pillow and no air-conditioning proves to have caused me severe aching around the butt area, that is.
I learned that life, somehow, is all about making choices.

Getting confused? Check out this fragment of conversation between the newlywed Bree Hodge [fyi, that new last name sounds freaky] and Andrew van de Kamp [my fave!]. This scene happens right after Danielle storms out of the house after Bree condemns her about sleeping with her History teacher [his name's Mr. Fadali, I think], and Bree ends up brokenhearted sitting on the bottom of the stairway.

Bree: "I've tried so hard to set a good example... I've done the best I could to teach you kids right from wrong... Why isn't it taking?"
Andrew: "It took. I mean, we know the difference between right and wrong. We just choose wrong."
Bree: *looking startled* "Why..?"
Andrew: "Sometimes when you push a kid really hard to go one way, the other way starts to look more entertaining..."

Get it now? No. Oh, come on. *shakes head*
Yes, life is about making choices. Boundaries are made all around us, showing us the ropes and rules of doing the things that we do. But in the end, the choice is still for us to make. We know the lines, and we decide. Regardless of all the 'right-and-wrong' philosophy that surrounds the society today, the final move is still in our hands.

Believe it or not, deeply-socialized rules can only get us so far. Socially-accepted pretences are all around us as well. Like wise people always say, everything sincere comes from the heart. Right, or wrong. White or black. Or even something vague and grey that hovers in between. Like Edie Britt, perhaps. *winks*

...Oh, well then. I guess I'm gonna stop typing crap and get back to my Desperate Housewives addiction for the time being. *laughs*
Have a FABULOUS week, guys!! =)

Monday, May 21, 2007


Well, sorry for my extended disappearance from the blogging world. Really, don't blame me. What with this crappy yet costly Internet service. Can I complain? Hell no. 'Cuz my dad's still the one who's paying for this. *sighs*

Well, but now I'M BACK!! =)
Along with the most breakthrough news of the day: I'm also school-free!!!! *jingkrak2*

Hahahaha. No more late-nightstudy-sessions, endless assignments, crazy teachers, freaky friends, EARLYmornings [notice which word I put the emphasis on], and even skipping classes! Whew. What a relief! Three years has passed in a swirl, and boy had I rocked on during those memorable, irreplaceable days of youth. Goodbye uniforms, welcome real life!

So thank you. To God. To me. To you. To all of you.
The ever-burning spirit has kept me going all these years.
Now I'll just have to wait for the big announcement day. Wish me luck, guys! =)

Have you listened to Michael Buble's latest album?

Yep. He calls it "Call Me Irresponsible". May I add that this statement is not necessarily a bluff. He is indeed irresponsible, in his own charming ways. No pun intended, but honestly, I am definitely addicted to Buble!! *grins* I am now officially Bublevirus-infected, again.

Well, what can I say? His outstandingly soothing vocals, swingbeats [my fave!], and of course sincere songs has colored my days ever since his first appearance in the music industry. I grew up listening to his songs, reliving the amazing 50's-60's era with his touch of modern-classic fusion genre. Who else can reintroduce Frank Sinatra's songs to the young crowd in a way that's not categorized as old?

Buy this album. And I guarantee you all will be addicted.

Well. Another fantastic artist to be added to my neverending I-Want-To-Meet-Them Christmas list. But wait, he's there already isn't he? *grins*

As always, have a FABULOUS week, guys!! =)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

...about having nothing to write about...

1. Do you love someone?
:: currently, yea.

2. Do you believe in love at first
:: kinda.

3. Do you believe in Love?
:: yea of course.

1. Are you currently mad at someone?
:: want to, but can't *sobs*

2. Which of your family members has the
worst temper?
:: dad. myself.

3. Have you ever thrown something at
:: yea.

4. Is anyone mad at you?
:: gawd i hope not.

5. Are you usually mad?
:: yea. temper tantrums if u ask me.

6. When you're mad do you prefer to
stare angrily or yell?
:: yell.

1. Name:
:: jj

2. Birthday:
:: january 18

3. What's your main goal in life?
:: be successful n happy n loved.

4. Do you want to have children?
:: yea.

5. When do you want to die?
:: whenever He wants me to.

1. Has anyone ever thrown a surprise
party for you?
:: yea.

2. If you won a million dollars, what
would be your first thought?
:: shop till i drop but spare a generous amount for charity

4. If you could have anything right now
what would it be?
:: hmm.. dunno..

1. Are you against gay marriage?
:: welcome the age of freedom =)

2. Lower the drinking age?
:: yea definitely.

3. Abortion?
:: well, if u have to.

4. Jesus?
:: love Him!!

Q: how many beds did you lay in today?
:: one, my own.

Q: What color shirt are you wearing?
:: red with black stripes.

Q: Name one thing that you do everyday?
:: eat. sleep. curse. daydream.

Q: How much cash do you have on you
right now?
:: around 200k.

Q: Look to your left.
:: computers.

Q: What website(s) do you visit the
most during the day?
:: Friendster n Blogger.

Q: Does anything hurt on your body
right now?
:: legs. damn ujian praktek olahraga.

Q: Do you own a picture phone?
:: yea yea yea.

Q: Recent time you were really upset?
:: yesterday.

1. Last movie watched in cinema:
:: dreamgirls.

2. Song you listened to?:
:: nothing.

3. Person you talked on the phone with:
:: fred.

1. What are you doing tonight?:
:: umm.. sleep?

2. What are you going to eat?:
:: just eaten some freaky nasigoreng stuff.

1. Is:
:: thursday.

2. Are you Looking forward to it?
:: well not really.

3. Are you going to laugh?
:: yea definitely.


Well, what can I say?
Don't really have anything to write about, so there you go. Another chain-blog.
Yeah, I know. Lame huh? *grins*

Good luck on the upcoming tryouts, people!! =)