Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...about them...

"My salad days, When I was green in judgment..."
--Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare, 1606

...Long story short?
The reunion BBQ was totally great.

It was actually a good thing that I came early; so I could help with random things before the actual grilling began. Cooked some fries, helped marinade some beef, messed around with the stove, watched people drop food onto the carpet, splashed some unknown stuff to the floor and had quite a hype time cleaning up together with Dewi, Irnando, and Felix.

Well, yeah, it was fantastic, meeting them again. Seventeen amazing people all crammed up together at one place; amazing people whose minds were filled with cherished memories of youth worth sharing and remembering. It was nostalgic, to say the least. Along with all those laughters, pats-on-the-back, crazy horsing-arounds, eccentric smiles, hysteric screams, everything. It was just like going back to those fabulous days, when we all were still green, sharing the same uniform and laboring under one school roof.

It's funny, you know, how reality often plays tricks on you.
And I still find it hard to believe that there are in fact so many of us here that we actually could manage to hold a small Ipkhigh-reunion party just, like, that.

Oh, well.
I should just shut up and be happy, shouldn't I? *laughs*

And, yeah. I am truly happy.
Friends are forever. No matter how far they are.

Love you guys!!!!!!! *hugs*

Sunday, July 29, 2007

...and the tears are pourin'...

Huff. *wipes sweat off forehead*

Did my laundry. Washed some of them by hand. Ironed some shirts. Washed my socks. Swept the floor, kinda. Washed the dishes. Wiped the tables. Sorted out the messy dining-table problem. Cleared the fridge together with Andrew. Drank some coffee. Finished off the juice. Got fucked up over that silly fridge leak. Had some severe migraine. Cooked some deep-fried eggs. And finally got the chance to clean my room this morning.
Quite an achievement, huh? *sighs*

It's funny when I think about it, really. How I should and must do everything by myself now that I'm living in my new-and-improved world of semi-independent universe.

Back home, when I needed some things to be done or fixed or anything else for that matter, all I gotta do was holler, and a helping hand would always be working alongside my own force to deal with whatever was up. Now, living here down under has given me a totally new point-of-view.

And, well, doing all those tiresome household stuff reminds me of someone, to be honest. That certain helping hand I just briefly mentioned, who was always there whenever I needed her.
Please welcome my mighty house-maid, Mbak Asih.

She came to the family when I was a zero-ager. Eleven months old, to be exact. And she had been there ever since, which leaves her with nearly eighteen years of perfect existence. I remember having mentioned her once in my blog the other day, about a year ago. And, well, my gratitude still remains the same.

Stay-at-home-doing-stuff moments like these remind me of her so much. Of those times when I joined her in the kitchen, cooking stuff and horsing around, laughing about unimportant stuff and cried out together whenever something popped up in the frying pans. I used to hug her on a daily basis, and she always used to smile everytime I went home from school, asking me about my day and hoping she could do something that could make me feel better after school. Usually she would cook my dinner early, or I would then raid the kitchen and help her with stuff. She was like my second mom, and I loved her dearly.

A few days before, and even until the morning of my departure to Melbourne, she kept bursting into tears whenever I came around. When I asked her why, she confessed that she could not imagine the house without my presence, saying that whenever I wasn't in the house, it got awfully, painfully quiet. It broke my heart to see her crying, you know, since she was, had been, and always is a strong woman to me, and I couldn't imagine continuing my life without her by my side just as much as she couldn't. She even hugged me really tight just minutes before I got in the car, and I cried together with her. *sighs*

Gawd, I miss her so much.

I took a chance and called her some few days back, and she answered the phone in the first ring. Guess what, she cried again just listening to my voice, expressing how touched she was by the thought that I still remembered her. Hell, how on earth could I forget about you, Mbak? *sniffs*

She's part of the family. I miss her just as much as I miss my Dad and Mom.
Oh well. Maybe I should just stop here before I start crying like a wuss. *winks*

Here she is. Should we all stand up and give her a round of applause?
*claps furiously*

Anyway. Happy weekend, guys. *hugs*
Ex-IPEKAHIGH reunion BBQ tomorrow yay! =)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

...that i couldn't see...

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows fetched, but not done.
Should've been doing my frikkin' Accounting 1 assignment but was too lazy to move away from Friendster and MSN. Well done. Three long hours wasted.

The crazy thing about blogging is that you can actually see how your personality evolves over the years. Even the way I bitch about minor details in everyday stuff has also changed. From the go-go ga-ga raps of early high school years to major nonsense tantrums regarding unimportantly overrated stuff. And oh yeah, the mellow-jellow poetic period I went through once? THAT was something.

Things change. People change. I change.
Yet precious memories forever stay the same.

Right, guys? =)
Words can't describe just how MUCH I am missing you all.
Sincerely. Along with all those crazy moments that we used to share, together, when we were young and free.

Wish I could turn back time and go though them all over again. With you all. *hugs*
I love you guys.

Monday, July 23, 2007

...i was naive...

I was just looking through some [VERY] old posts of this blog that, believe it or not, date back to May 2005. Whew. Can't actually believe this stupid blog has been running for more than TWO long, wonderful years, still counting. Some of the oldest archives have been deleted by Blogger, obviously. Yet still, I found the remaining ones nostalgic enough. And it was truly hard to stop smiling and laughing my head off, reading those posts by heart and realized that I, indeed, have grown up.

Been rummaging through some quite old stuff in my folder as well and found a couple of memorable old photos which literally made me cry. Too bad I didn't bring all of them here, and most of those pictures that are reaaally old are still in my harddisk back home now. But the ones I did bring are still enough to make me all bluey-gooey.

...Sighs. *wipes tears off cheek*
Seriously. I miss those moments so dearly.

Yes. We have all grown up. Haven't we?

PS: A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved Dad!! *hugs* =)

Friday, July 20, 2007

...about harry potter..

Geez. This week just flew by so quickly. Can't believe it's Friday morning again.
And yet I am still sitting here, cursing under my breath, lazing around, once again abandoning my already-yelling-shouting Management 1 Essay that is due next Monday.

Let's just hope I can manage to finish it by today. *sighs*
It's gonna be a tough, hardworking Friday for me this week.

Oh, btw. I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last Tuesday.

And, honestly, it was lousy.

The scenes were all bits and pieces all jumbled up as a result of trying desperately with vigorous effort to fit in and visualize just too much information all in only two hours of running. Well, can't really blame anybody for that, though, since the book itself is like soooo thick and all. Yet still, the movie felt more emotionally imbalanced because the general storyline doesn't exactly flow as expected. Harry's angry character wasn't explored deep enough, while at the same time Fred and George were just too irresistibly charming to be quickly forgotten. *laughs*

The finale's quite fantastic, nonetheless. The duel between Dumbledore and Voldemort was just PERFECT! See a fragment of the duel here.

Ummm. Sorry. I think I'm giving away too much already here.
After all I still recommend you guys to watch it anyway. Not quite the movie I had originally expected, but I still like it. Kinda. *ditabok*

Have a nice weekend guys! *winks*

Monday, July 16, 2007

...about today...

...Sighs. *massaging sore feet*

Had a fantastic afternoon tour around central Melbourne today. Thanks to jN who kindly acted as my, or should I say our fun-loving guide for the day. Owe you one, sis! And oh yeah, the postponed Coco Black treat is still always welcome. *ditabok jN* Hahahahaha. =)

The city area's just soooooooooooooooo lovable. Well for me that is. The countless shops blend in so well with those old, classic architecture. So awfully, addictively ENGLISH! Hahaha.

Collins Street
is the best, too; high-end outlets lining up, beautifully framed under the same classic design. Little Collins is great too; cafe culture, homey coffeeshops, and cozy restaurants, yet we had none to pick since the price is incredibly expensive. I'm definitely gonna come back for more of it next week. In terms of strictly sightseeing only, of course. *pulls hair desperately* Oh well.

And then comes Southbank. The area was excessively beautiful.

Need I say more? Hahaha. =) Aaaaargh how I love the riverside. *sighs*

My assignments are due in like 8 days. And I haven't even wrapped up my group project let alone take care of my essay. Talk about the total premature destruction of my original all-work-no-play-until-college-is-done scheme. *sobs* Guess I'm gonna have to drop 'having fun' off my list for this week. At least until those two effing assignments are done. Well basically everything else but Harry Potter. Book and movie, and perhaps another go at the book after that.

Mwahahahaha. *digampar sendal*

Have a FABULOUS week, guys! *nose bleeds*

Friday, July 13, 2007

...always be good...

.by night.
Monash College, Building 73, Clayton campus
Thursday, June 12, 2007

PS: Why does this building turn prettier after sundown?
Have a FABULOUS weekend guys! I swear I'm gonna enjoy my long weekend to the fullest. Haha xD

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

...about this...

Oh, well.

I finally gave in to my rapturous desires and decided to order Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, after a few painful weeks of hypocrite denial. Whew.

Let's just hope it's gonna be worth the bucks.
Thank God that $50 book voucher is still valid and free! *grins* A huge thanks to my new friends; those amazing people at Monash IFGF for the unexpected prize!! =)

So now the waiting has officially begun.
Ten long, craving days starting from... NOW!!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

...shame on you...


And I was like devastated when I found out that the album hasn't entered the Australian music market yet. Disappointing as it is, I was also shaken by those crazy mixed-up reviews about this breakthrough that basically described Andrea as having the impression of a nutty, spoiled Irish artist who doesn't even know how to create her own music in a proper ear-friendly format. They do say that the album is fantastic though, knowing that Andrea's taste and hidden talents are somewhat idealistically demanding.

Aaaargh, I just can't wait. Limewire's not helping either, and Multiply fails me for the umpteenth time; the anti-leaking procedure of this album seems to be quite high and I can't find anything more than mere 30-second samples to the songs.

I did manage to get the album's first single, though. And personally I think that she's just trying a bit too hard to shrug off the Corrs-y good girl image she had built up over the years, yet doing so in a positive way nonetheless. "Shame On You" sounds very different from the tunes she used to sing back in the day. Nice try; the song's fabulous in its own right anyways. =)

Oh, well. So much for buying the CD, huh? At least for the time being.
Perhaps living my new life down under does not always feel like heaven after all.

The title of the album is "Ten Feet High", btw.
Anyone interested in sending me one? *pleads*

Friday, July 06, 2007

...about so sweet...


You walk really slow when you're with


You feel shy whenever they're around.


You smile when you hear their voice.


When you look at them, you can't see
other people around you, you just see


They're all you think about.


You relize you're always smiling when
you're looking at them.


You would do anything for them, just to
see them.


While reading this, there was one
on your mind this whole time.


You were so busy thinking about that
person, you didnt notice number seven
was missing


You just scrolled up to check & are now
silently laughing at yourself...


Sweet huh? *winks* =)

Thursday, July 05, 2007

...about the show...

Remember Monita of Indonesian Idol 2?

I was just browsing through YouTube [yay!] a couple of minutes ago when I came across this video which is actually a recording of one of her most remembered performances during the Spectacular Shows around three years ago. One breathtaking performance by which she took the hearts of millions of viewers that very night, with a stunning jazzy remake of Potret's "Bagaikan Langit" sung melodiously on stage. Flawless, I might put in.

And... Wow. Watching the video was incredibly nostalgic. I just couldn't stop smiling throughout the two-minute recording.

Wanna see it yourself? Click here.

Have a FANTASTIC week, people! *hugs*

Sunday, July 01, 2007

...rainbows n random stuff...

This afternoon, while I was running alongside the Koonawarra pedestrian walk with Andrew, trying to keep ourselves dry from the showering rain which came so suddenly, I noticed something shining kinda brightly right above my, or should I say our heads. And at once I froze in my tracks. Amazed.

Gosh. Guess what, guys? I saw beautiful rainbows, everywhere.

In my entire life I have only witnessed this magnificent natural phenomenon THREE times. Once when I was still an adorable tiny toddler. The other time was back when I was traveling in New Zealand and caught this colorful arc in one of the snapshots in my camera phone by coincidence. Then today, I saw it again. A little glimpse of childish fairytale happiness I was once so fond of.

Apart from the annoying rain that totally ruined my jacket and cancelled my Clayton-Street-dinner-hunting plan, I was truly grateful that I was given the chance to witness this spectacular view. Well, considering that I spent most of my precious eighteen years of life in jTown where you can barely see the moon and stars at night let alone shining rainbows after showers, this has been quite an extraodinary experience.

And, thanks to my lovely hunnybunny Motorola RAZR V3x which proves to come in handy during spontantaneous moments *and also semiwaterproof too!*, I managed to take a few gorgeous pictures of the rainbow. Take a look! =)

Well... Can somebody take me to the very end of the rainbow, please? Or, as Renee Olstead puts in, to somewhere over the rainbow..?

A leprechaun is always welcome as a guest anytime. With a struck of self-enhanced luck as an additional bonus to the trip as well. Hahaha.

Stupid Jj.
Have a FABULOUS weekend, guys! *hugs*