Friday, December 25, 2009

...although it's been said, many times, many ways...

Collins Street City Square, Melbourne, December 17, 2009

...Merry Christmas, to you. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

...hang a shining star upon the highest bow...

For the sake of updating the nonexistent: my super-awesome parents are coming down for Christmas and, of course, my graduation ceremony.

Being the highly-experienced urban travelers that they are, I'm fully aware that they are used to spending Christmas in cold, snow-covered, more-festive places. Think the Swiss Alps, or Western Europe, or the American East Coast. But this visit will mark their very first take on spending Christmas below the Equator.

I'm genuinely curious to see what Mr. and Mrs. Oey will make out of a sunny, outdoorsy, summer-y Christmas down under. *grins*

Other than the usual plan of exploring Melbourne to its very core, we also have Brisbane (otherwise known to the locals as Brisvegas), the always-compulsory Gold Coast, Tangalooma Resort, and Sydney under our messy traveling belts. Ten days of sunshine, hopefully *crosses fingers*, and ten days of total family awesomeness.

I promise I will make time to post another update before Christmas.
In the mean time, I will retreat under my snuggly blankets and bid you adieu. My parents will arrive at Tullamarine first thing in the morning tomorrow, and I have to be there by around 11am to greet them. *winks*

Have a nice start to your Christmas holidays, guys!
Put your best tank-tops on. Wear your most awesome sunnies. And cover yourselves up with sunblock because the UV rays are nasty! Then have a cold beer. Or two. Or three. Or as many as you want, actually, but please try not to get too drunk! Everything is more fun when your head's actually there and not all fuzzy. :)

So, yes, that's about it for now.
Merry Christmas, everybody. :)


Thursday, December 03, 2009 many promises and fake apologies?...

Currently listening to: Hear No, See No, Speak No - Ricki-Lee Coulter

The Circus Starring: Britney Spears, 1st Melbourne Show
Rod Laver Arena, Nov 11, 2009

I find it really heartwarming when my favorite barista *wink wink* - having already been on a first-name basis with yours truly - yells out my name and lightens up whenever I merrily hop my way to that familiar chocolate-brown counter, with my best cheeky grin plastered on my face and my worn-out loyalty card at the ready.

Bonus points for already hitting the cash register and cheerfully calling out the exact price of my favorite drink before I stop prancing and finally arrive.
Bullseye. *grins*

Ah, the things you find when you get out of the house.
Turns out my seemingly foolish decision to brave the crazy winds and drag my lazy ass all the way to this cozy spot is not so stupid after all now that I think about it.

So here I am, conveniently perched on a chair next to the giant glass windows overlooking Chadstone's new shopping precinct, absently typing away. I have my regular-sized skinny Irish nut creme with me, brewed to perfection by the coffee-making prodigy in question *cough cough*. The sun's still up, the cafe's rather quiet given it's Thursday night, and Christmas songs are playing softly on the PA.

Can you say happiness? :)

Damn. It surely feels good to have nothing to do.
No due dates, no morning classes, no irrational deadlines to look out for (although the latter is subject to change in a few days' time) whatsoever. Lately my existence revolves around making use of my excess spare time and dealing with irrational thoughts, more or less. Think late-night phonecalls, endless Youtube sessions, and multiple cups of jasmine tea. I even took the initiative to clean up my room again!

*bows to imaginary clapping sounds*

Ironically, though, I have also been missing a LOT of gym sessions, hence my current wimp-like performance at the gym, in a non-sexy kind of way of course. Let's just say the treadmill hasn't been too kind on Mr. Couch Potato right here lately. I don't know where all the motivation has disappeared to; maybe I'm just being plain lazy, like always. I promise this will change.

I have since resorted to watching a lot of online videos everytime pangs of boredom strikes. I know things are getting bad now that I'm starting to get all impatient and borderline obsessive about communitychannel's video announcements on Twitter, but I can't help it. To spice things up a little, as of now I also have discovered a newfound attraction towards Singaporean online shows on "Chick VS Dick" never fails to amuse me, and I think Rosalyn Lee a.k.a Rozz is Singapore's hottest TV personality right now!


Proof positive I should seriously start looking for something better to do before I drive myself up the wall.

But first things first. Semester 2 results will be out tonight, and I'm crossing my fingers big time. If I pass all four units, I'll be able graduate at the end of this year. December 17, to be exact, about two weeks away from now. If not... Well, we'll worry about that later. *shivers at the thought*

As much as I hate the idea of having to man up and face the real world now that my endless years of education is finally coming to an end, I actually think that graduating will still be fun and liberating nonetheless. And I sure as hell do hope I'll end this with a BANG. I wanna do me - and my parents, too - proud.

We'll talk more about this later. Let me get queasy and fidget with my hands first. A couple of hours to go, now. Won't be long.
*tugs at hair*

My coffee's getting cold. And is that the rain I hear rattling softly on the ceilings?
Alright. I better sign off now. Will let you guys know once the results are published.

Oh, Christmas is almost here, by the way. *winks*



I'm officially a Bachelor of Commerce graduate! Well, minus the hat and the funny-looking robe, though. That one's for December 17. *winks*

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


kuhirup manis aroma udara kota ini,
satu pagi,
tak pernah sepi

dalam riuh bisingnya sang metropolis awali hari,
memulai lagi,
kuhilanglenyap tenggelam dalam bergulungguruh arusnya

kudengar jeritmu di setiap bunyi klakson,
kerlipmu di tiap kedip lampu lalu lintas,
lagumu seiring petikan gitar sang pemusik jalanan

kurasa haru dalam keruhkelabunya langitmu,
deras rinai hujanmu,
juga mendungnya cakrawala,
sumpekruwet jalanjalan raya yang ribut meraung di luar sana

setiap detik kupuja hadirmu,
setiap detakmu selaras deru jantungku,

dan bersama secangkir kopi hangat,
sebatang pensil,
selembar kertas lusuh,
dan setahun penuh seruan rindu,

kunafaskan adamu,


-- Dunkin Donuts Mal Ciputra Jakarta, 8 Januari 2009