Thursday, August 26, 2010


This just made me cry.

Amazing voices, both of you. Amazing voices. You've come a long way.

And I believe this is just the beginning of an amazing musical journey you will find yourselves embarking on, very soon.

Congratulations. You have made us all proud. :')

P.S: The video's in Bahasa Indonesia, so please bear with me, my non-Indonesian readers.

Monday, August 09, 2010 when you see me crashing, and there's nowhere left to fall...

Currently listening to: Lift Me Up - Christina Aguilera

Sky High, Mt. Dandenong, May 2010

It was raining.

The school was empty, its corridors deserted and quiet. The students had either scurried off to extracurriculars or gone home. A sudden, almost melancholic burst of silence swept across the building as its occupants began to leave, ending yet another busy day.

Your arms were around me as we made our way up the stairs, our shoulders brushing, our heartbeats racing, our hurried footsteps echoing across the hallway. The sound of our cheeky laughs got caught in between drizzles, interlacing in one harmonic rhythm, as the gloomy grey sky thundered and poured.

Your sparkling brown eyes looked directly into mine in a sweet glance, and I blushed.
Amazed. Helpless. Desperately in love.

Are you cold? You asked, ever so gently, your soothing voice melodious and tender, like sweet music to my ears. I could feel the warmth of your breath down the nape of my neck, slow and steady with every little step you took. I shook my head and heaved out a sigh, almost breathless.

...No. I'm alright. You?

My heart skipped a beat when you moved closer, slowly drawing me into a tight embrace. Not when you're around, I'm not. Followed by a snicker.

A whiff of your favorite perfume lingered in the air, serenading my nostrils with that comforting, familiar scent. I could feel the soft material of your dark-colored sweater brushing across my back, sending shivers down my spine. I was hypnotized, lost in a trance.

I looked up, meeting your gaze, and frowned.
Where are we going? I'm getting tired...

You winked, playful as ever. Almost there. Don't worry.

Halfway to the fourth floor, right by the staircase rails, you suddenly stopped. You took my hand and pulled me close, letting me rest my head on your firm, broad shoulder, as in silence we stood and watched the unfolding wrath of the skies; the rustling of the winds, the flashing of its thunder, the drizzling beats of the pouring rain.

Beats rushing into the car and watching all this go down behind rain-splattered windows, doesn't it? You muttered, with the faintest hint of a smile curling up on your lips.

I grinned, starry-eyed. Yeah. It sure does. Though I'm sure your driver must be pissed.

You laughed. Nah. He can wait.

The tip of your fingers traced the outline of my nose, sending shivers down my spine. I closed my eyes, overwhelmed with emotions. This was just surreal, too good to be true.

Amused, you heaved out a sigh.
All this just got better with you here by my side.

I would never have thought it remotely possible that you'd share my immense fascination with the rain. Really, out of - oh, I don't know- the countless little things of interest I could never have dreamed of sharing with you in this world, if the long hours you spent on the soccer field and the endless singing sessions I joyfully attended were any indication. We couldn't have been any more different even if we'd wanted to be. Guarding goalposts and singing melismatic runs didn't exactly go together, did they?

But I guess the universe really does have its ways in bringing two different people together, through unexpected surprises, accidental run-ins, or constant passing glances down the hall, in our case - exchanging awkward 'hi's, the silly shuffling of our feet, our late-night conversations and the skyrocketing phone-bills that entailed...

Funny how beautiful things can come barging in and surprise you, just when you think nothing good's gonna come your way. Maybe that's just how it is. I don't know.

And standing there, in the midst of the pouring rain, with the gentle warmth of your love holding me close, I felt strong, stubbornly invincible.

...Maybe we should head upstairs and see how your hamsters are doing.

Your soft whisper startled me, waking me up from the mystical daze I was in.
I turned, meeting your stare. Why? We just visited them during lunchtime this afternoon.

You chuckled lightly. I think I'm beginning to like them more than I'm allowed to.

Really? I laughed, touched by the childish sincerity in your voice. Weren't you the one who told me you hated furry animals? And don't even get me started on what you said about the Bio Lab being so smelly ever since I started keeping them there.

Well, I did say that...
I closed my eyes, as you drew closer and kissed my forehead ever so gently.

...But you won't believe just what spending a month with the world's most passionate hamster lover can do to your conscience.

You lifted my head, meeting my gaze. I could see that playful twinkle in your eyes; that charming passion, that vibrant glimmer of innocence, the tender traces of sweet, heartfelt honesty that made me fall so dangerously in love with you.

A strike of lightning grumbled in a distance, its luminescent lights flashing across the horizon. You turned, grinned, and reached out a hand to me.

Come on. They're waiting.

A smile escaped my lips, and I nodded.

The skies sat and watched as our steps began to intertwine, blending as one with the rhythmic beats of the rain. Up the stairs, off a right turn, down the hallway, into a door that was shut behind two pairs of brushing shoulders.

Yet another perfect afternoon.
You, and me, and the rain as our orchestra.